How to Install a Motherboard in your Computer

Motherboard is a component of computer that exits inside the central processing unit (CPU). It is responsible for all the computer operations and most of the commands system will process is organized by the Motherboard. If you are a beginner then this article will help you to learn how to install a Motherboard in the computer.


motherboard moboSteps to Install a Motherboard:

1.      Open your CPU and remove Motherboard tray:

The First step in this process is open you CPU by uninstalling the screw. Cases may vary from one another but most of the screws will be in back side of the Case. Now remove the side panel where you can able to see the motherboard from here. The Motherboard tray should be removed from the computer and replace it with new Motherboard. Sometimes you may find the removable Motherboards where you can easily replace new device in the place of old device. These trays help to install new motherboard with ease.

2.      Replace AXT Connector:

Motherboard is a special component that comes with its own face plate. After removal of the old device you will see an AXT connector inside CPU. This device has connectors that are specially ordered in multiple patterns. It is recommended to use the custom face place which will come along with the motherboard. Press and hold on two corners of the case to swap out the systems face plate. Now put the new place here and arrange other device cables as it is.

3.      Install Standoffs:

In this step you need to arrange the device. To do this finds the sufficient holes that your case has as same with the motherboard. After the holes are found, you need to install Standoffs. This will help the motherboard as a support when installed. You can also check on the User guide of motherboard to know detailed information on installing standoffs.

Now you need to align the mobo over CPU Case. Here you can find the matching holes on both motherboard and tray. Here you need to tighten the screw the mobo to your case. Make sure you are done with all the screws on different sides. Join all the board’s corners to the mounting holes. This is the simple work that can be done by any person. You don’t need to be a hardware technician to install new motherboard to the computer.

4.      Installing cables and connectors:

motherboard moboThe next step in fixing new mobo to the system is to install cables and connectors. After the installation of motherboard with the case you need to combine multiple wires and connectors to get connection with the system software. Here you need to connect some essential cables to the mobo as well as to the CPU. You can previously observe the wires while removing the old mobo device. The same process to be applied now to install new device. After combining all the cables close the side panel of CPU and make sure all the items are covered. Now you are ready to use new motherboard services on your computer.